Usually called Posad in everyday life, Sergiev Posad is a provincial town of 100+K people. Apart from spirituality, there're some other aspects it boasts - chemicals, fireworks and agriculture.

But despite the Posadians' high educational and mental level, living standards here are worse among other sub-Moscow towns due to political pretences. Many locals work in Moscow, so Posad may impress as a residential area with a lot of garbage around. You'll inevitably see beer plastic bottles and cigarette butts thrown in the streets.

Behind the Orthodox Vatican facade and even in Posad City (a business area by the terminal stuffed with trade centers), many shabby houses stand spoiling the picture. If you really wanna see Posad, put up with its drunkards and beggars.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your nice photos. You have included interesting information about Sergiev Posad. We have visited there three times and highly recommend it as a day trip from Moscow. Thank you for posting on my blog where I told about our visit to Sergiev Posad.