Accomodation in Russia which has a long way to become tourist-friendly is rather expensive. So be ready to pay €50+ for a hotel room.

The best Sergiev Posad hotel is stone-and-wooden Rusky Dvorik (Russian Court) 5 min from the Lavra. Located in a quiet old street, this hotel-restaurant complex boasts a provincial atmosphere with European comfort.

The Pancake Hill features Aristocrat, a red-brick premium hotel with a panoramic downtown view. A convenient middle-class accomodation is Gnyozdyshko (Cosy Nest) Hotel at the car terminal.

Still the cheapest hotel here belongs to the Lavra and stands in the Red Army ave., by the center. A perfect pilgrim choice, the Lavra Hotel is a modest place with strict religious rules - no smoking, drinking, cursing and debauchery. 

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