Hospital Wards

The Hospital Wards with the St. Zosima & St. Savvaty (Sabbatius) Solovetsky Church (1635-7) are a rare existing example of medieval civil architecture. Between the 2-storey Hospital Wards stands a steepled church - unique for the Lavra. It's also the only church here built simultaneously with the surrounding stone wards hosting the monastery clinic. The church features orderly proportions and expressive facade decoration with plenty of green glazed tiles.

The Assembly Chambers with the St. Zosima and St. Savvaty Church were constructed by monastery cellarer Alexander Bulatnikov who had come to the Lavra from the Solovets Monastery. Before 1917 the building was used as a hospital for sick monks and an almshouse for the old and disabled. The church is seemingly patterned after the no-more existing Pokrov Cathedral of the Solovky. Now this complex also hosts the Lavra vicar ward. 

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