Hi! I'm Konstantin, a 29-year-old Russian living in Sergiev Posad, the holiest and most beautiful Orthodox town. 70km NNE of Moscow, it's famous for the Lavra - a monastery complex with golden domes and white walls.

My mission here is promoting Sergiev Posad abroad due to its poor ad. When the authorities are too lazy for leveraging its huge potential, who's gonna attract tourists if not an energetic local!? So I can guide English-speaking tourists all over here. Please feel free to phone or email me for details.

I'm well-educated and experienced in teaching English and touring people. I graduated from the Moscow Linguistic University with an honors specialist degree in linguistics & intercultural communication.

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  1. Hi Konstantin, I had the opportunity of visiting the monastery of Sergiev Posad in the summer of 2008, I'm from Mexico, and I loved it.

    I remember the place full of people in line to enter the churchs, and the Fontain in the center of the place. I remember I took some water and intented to bring it to my country, but was seized in Atlanta, USA in my way home.

    Anyway, I've read a book called The Fire, and the first chapter opens in the monastery itself. It was great to feel like I was standing in the place as I was following the lecture.