History and Art Museum-Reserve

The Sergiev Posad State History & Art Museum-Reserve houses an impressive collection of jewel-encrusted robes, gems and icons from past centuries.  

The museum consists of 4 departnents. The 14-19th-cc. Lavra Sacristy (by the Trinity Cathedral, open 10am-5.45pm except Mon, Tue and last Fri monthly) displays precious donations of Russian princes, tsars and noblemen to the monastery - unique collections of icon and ornamental embroidery, painting, jewelry art, mini-sculptures. More unusual garments and exhibits are on the 2nd floor.

The Kony Dvor (Horse Yard) historical & architectural complex (3 min north of the gates, open 10am-5.45pm except Mon, Thu and last Wed monthly) presents the district's pre-history, its 18-21th-cc. applied and decorative art and Russian village.

The Exhibition Hall (open 10am-5.45pm except Tue, Thu and last Wed monthly) exhibits fine art in the main building opposite the Kony Dvor.

The Local History museum (5 min from the Lavra, open 10am-5.45pm except Mon, Tue and last Thu monthly) features 20th-c. Sergiev Posad - exhibitions about the tsar period, the 1930s, World War II years and other aspects of modern town life. 

The ticket costs about €3. Permission to take photos also costs a fee. Anyone wearing shorts won't be let in. The ticket offices close an hour before the exhibitions.

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